Centrally mounted fuel tank – Revisited

Posted on September 11th, 2012 by Owen

Right from the beginning of this project I made the decision to mount my primary fuel tank between the chassis rails and to do away with the OEM fuel tank that was mounted on the side of the chassis rail. Well… I thought this was technically a good idea, as it moves more of the weight into the centre, but the implementation has proven to be quite challenging.

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Rear bar and tyre carrier

Posted on September 8th, 2012 by Owen

I have two spare wheels that need to be mounted on the rear of my truck. These wheels are not light, weighing in at around 80Kg each, so a fairly robust setup is required if the wheel carriers are to withstand the rigours of off road travel. Given the weight of the wheels, a lifting and lowering system will also be required.

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Fitting the LPG bottles

Posted on August 30th, 2012 by Owen

Quite a few expedition campers are equipped with diesel powered cooktops, which I did consider, but given that we have no real intention of traveling outside of Australia with our truck, using LPG for cooking seemed like the logical choice for us.

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