Core modifications to the Canter

Anyone that has taken a ride in a standard Canter truck will know that it is not really an enjoyable experience; the suspension is very hard and the factory shock absorbers do virtually nothing.
Given my wife’s medical issues, it is necessary for us to have a vehicle that is as comfortable as possible to ride in; that’s no small task when talking about light trucks that are designed to be commercial work vehicles.
After making the decision to buy a 4×4 Canter I started looking at my options regarding suspension. After considerable research I decided to go with the five link coil suspension conversion done by All Terrain Warriors in Queensland. Although this conversion was not cheap, the quality of ride gained by this modification was astounding. Another ATW option I elected to include was the dual in-cab ride controls which allow for very simple and quick adjustment of the shock absorber ride stiffness. Wind the air pressure down and the ride is nice and soft for those rougher off road conditions and when you return to the highway you can bump the air pressure up, so the truck does not handle like a boat. The addition of driver and passenger Stratos suspension seats topped off the suspension modifications.
Other work I had done by ATW was to change the standard wheels for 19.5″ singles all round, the addition of a winch capable alloy bullbar and building a pass-through into the back of the cab, to allow direct access into the camper body from the truck.