Finances and CTPI

Monday, 28th March 2011

I Purchased the Class 22 Queensland CTP Insurance certificate over the phone through Allianz.

The cost is $48.90 for the first day and $1.10 for every day after that, so a total of $52.20, for the 4 days we needed. They emailed the certificate to me along with a cover letter that said that the emailed copy was a true and original copy.

We then went back to the CBA branch in Civic to get the bank cheque, we had organised on Friday, to pay for the rest of the truck ($64,000).


Friday, 26th March 2011

Went to local branch of CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia – my bank) to organise to make a one off EFTPOS transaction on Tuesday/ Wednesday to pay for the truck (as we had been told we could (by the Dickson Branch) , they just said we had to make sure that it was 48hrs before we left, we asked about this 2 weeks before when we made a special trip in to Dickson to ask about this).When we get there we were told that we couldn’t do this at all, so we decided to go into the large city branch to get it in cash (after being run around by the local branch) and we get there to find they don’t have it and need 48 hrs notice and wouldn’t have it until lunch time on Tuesday (when we were flying out at 6:30am), they recommended a bank cheque, and Owen called ATW to see if they would accept this (and they would). The manager at the CBA branch in Civic, was pretty good to us and she waived the fees, because of the stuff up, and we organised to pick it up on Monday (I had to transfer the money into an accessible account and couldn’t do it then and there due to the security measures I have in place, and me forgetting them <DOH!>).