Buying parts

Below are lists of what we have purchased each month, during the Truck project to date:


November 2011

  • Formshield – 10mm (comes in other thicknesses as well as adhesive or non adhesive) anti-resonance, insulation matting that is foam on one side and aluminium foil on the other, from Clark Rubber in Fyshwick;
  • Micro switches from Shande Electric Factory Company Ltd in China;
  • Ordered a new 200 litre stainless steel diesel tank and picked up the 4.5 litre stainless steel reservoir tank for the hydronics system,  from Vincenc & Bridgford;
  • More connectors, shrink wrap and the like from assorted stores such as Jaycar, Auto stores and Ashdown Ingram;
  • a 95dB piezo buzzer from Jaycar Electronics, in Fyshwick;


October 2011

  • Headlight protectors, from Hartwigs Queanbeyan, to protect the headlights of the truck from rocks etc;
  • More steel, mostly from Herzog Steel in Mitchell;
  • Exhaust brackets (Tang Clamps) from Geordi Stainless, in Melbourne;
  • New 3 inch exhaust from Fyshwick Exhaust Centre;
  • Assorted connectors, and wires from Ashdown Ingram in Fyshwick;
  • Big, thick, strong cable ties from Tractor Replacements in Fyshwick;
  • Stainless steel screws and cable tie holder blocks and cable clips from Whitworths Marine in Caringbah, Sydney;
  • Some stainless steel solenoids and fittings from Smart Pneumatics in China (Less than half the price of buying them here and posted to the door);
  • 2 Bulk packs of Dynamat Xtreme (each covers 3.35m2) from Quicksmarttechnology on eBay, for sound and heat proofing the truck cab;
  • Heatshrink, crimp terminals, crimp tools, crimp dies, tube loom, connectors and more from Jaycar Electronics;
  • Pipe Fastening clamps, stainless steel rivet nuts, a rivet nut tool and assorted screws and more from Speciality Fasteners in Fyshwick;
  • Switches from ARB 4×4 Accessories in Fyshwick;
  • Lugs, crimps and cables and more from John R. Turk in Fyshwick;
  • 20 litres of 107 Coolant for the truck from Super Lube Distributors in Queanbeyan.


September 2011

  • More steel, mostly from Herzog Steel in Mitchell;
  • Polyethylene Mudguards (the Light Truck ones in Light Blue) from Dynaplas in Riverstone, NSW;
  • Mudflaps from Hartwigs in Queanbeyan.
  • LIC 43 paint by Valspar from Allard Paint Distributors in Fyshwick;
  • Rust Blast from Allard Paint Distributors in Fyshwick;


August 2011

  • Lots more metal/ steel, mostly from Herzog Steel in Mitchell.


July 2011

  • some flanges for the new 3 inch exhaust, Owen drew these in CAD and had them made in Albury by Larsen Engineering;
  • some blue polyurethane, from Advanced polymer technology, in Perth, this is to go between the sub-frame and the chassis;
  • a 20 tonne hydraulic press, to straighten out the sub frame rails that bent when being welded;
  • a 4 tonne hand puller / hand winch, for bending things;
  • a 500kg block and tackle /chain block, for lifting things onto, and off of the chassis (this is to be mounted under the carport);
  • A new welding helmet for Owen, as he was borrowing one and it didn’t suit his needs, from Gasweld, in Fyshwick.


June 2011

  • lots and lots of bolts, nuts, screws and washers and things, from Bolts nuts screws online, for attaching the springs of the mounting system and more, for other parts as well;
  • some specially made washers for the spring mounting system that attaches the sub-frame to the chassis,  from Baxter engineering, but still allows the chassis to twist, which is necessary as the chassis twisting is part of the suspension system of the truck;
  • we picked up the washers Owen had made (see above) and then had dropped off at Electro Plating Technology in Queanbeyan to have them zinc plated, for rust protection;
  • a 500kg block and tackle, for hoisting things up under the carport (Owen has the steel etc to make a gantry under the carport for lifting heavy parts, the sub-frame, the living pod etc);


April 2011

  •  a 3 inch “Jake Brake” (which John at ATW had told him about) from Coastline Truck Parts in Nambour . He got it for only $380.00, including postage to the house.


May 2011

  • Solar panels ordered from the USA. 4 x 68w frameless Uni-Solar amorphous solar panels, sent by Fed Ex. With the Aussie dollar above parody with the US dollar  it was a LOT cheaper (and by a lot I mean less than half the price) to purchase these panels in the USA than here in Oz. Even with the exorbitant postage costs (more than US$300) it was still A LOT cheaper to buy them in the USA.

A week later the solar panels arrived from the USA.