Buying equipment from the USA

It’s been a long time coming, but our little Aussie dollar has finally surpassed the US dollar. This opens up a world of opportunities when purchasing equipment.

As anyone browsing the internet would know, a vast amount of equipment is significantly cheaper from American online stores compared to buying the same item here in Australia. It is obvious that there is a ridiculous markup on much that is imported into Australia, which is really annoying. I would prefer to support Australian businesses and buy locally, but paying double for an identical item is just plain stupid.


On small items it may not be worth the effort, but for larger items it can definitely be worthwhile.

As an example, I have decided on using Uni-Solar flexible amorphous solar panels instead of monocrystalline or polycrystalline panels. I will not go into why here, other than to say that thin film panels are best suited for my purpose.

If I were to buy these panels in Australia I would be up for nearly $3000 for 4 panels and the freight costs. The exact same panels bought from the States are about $1100, and that includes $320 in freight. There is no duty on these panels as the total cost for the item is under $1000.


So, even with the hefty international freight costs included I can get these panels for nearly a third of the price if I buy them from overseas.

Where is the incentive to buy locally???